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The Death of Charles Manson

Rest in peace Sharon Tate and her unborn baby.
Rest in peace Abigail Folger.
Rest in peace Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.
Rest in peace Wojciech Frykowski.
Rest in peace Steven Parent.
Rest in peace Donald Shea.

Rest in peace Gary Hinman.


Make no mistake, Manson was a monster, but I can’t help but wonder what role being at the born at the fringe of society played in shaping that monster. He was born to a 16-year-old sex worker, spent his childhood in a brothel. After that, he was sent to live with his abusive religious aunt and her sadistic uncle and was systematically abused.
 After being passed back to his mother, she was terribly neglectful, famously selling the young boy for a pitcher of beer. He had a lonely childhood and was surrounded by crime, he began to partake in criminal activity himself, landing him in a reform school at the age of nine. He spent the next few years in and out of these types of schools, homes, and often prisons. Manson was a sick man, and those people would not have been murdered if it wasn’t for him. He was an insane but had a following of loyalists who were taking way too many drugs, listening a little too intently to the White Album, and were way too susceptible to the toxic environment that Manson and others had created on that ranch out in the desert. I believe we all make our own paths in life despite the environments & circumstances we are born into, but I am still a bit disturbed by Manson’s quote “My father is the jailhouse. My father is your system… I am only what you made me. I am only a reflection of you”. Society has progressed a lot over the last 50 years but whenever I see another mass murder committed, it is a reminder that we still don’t understand how to help some people before it’s too late. #CharlesManson